Monday, December 31, 2012

Carl the Kangaroo

Christmas has come and gone. It was wonderful, spirited, loud, happy and sad. I loved every minute of time spent with five of our grand kids and their parents. We are blessed.
Remember when I posted about the movie "Parental Guidance" ? ( it was the "Movie Star" post) I went to see it the day after Christmas. My sweet daughters-in-law and the beautiful Mackenzie all came with me to see if my work actually made it into the film.
The good news that it's a sweet, funny movie. We all teared up at the end. The message it carries about family is true and heartfelt. The bad news is that only one of my paintings was actually used. If you watch carefully, you can see "Peace, Love, Dog" hanging over the stove, on the brick arch. It was three small paintings framed in an old window frame. My big deal commission piece of Carl the Kangaroo wasn't used on the mantle in the closing shot. I think a photo of Billy Crystal and his movie grandson beat me out.
So here's the painting. Carl is an imaginary friend; never seen on screen. This is my interpretation of Carl. I like to think that I captured his mischievous spirit and sweet soul.

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