Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Anatomy of a New Painting

Painting for a living is an unusual career choice. To say the least.
It took me many years to get here. Happiest and most content
I've ever been. I cannot imagine graduating from college and
choosing to be a painter. My path to this place has been long
and winding; full of ups and downs. I was and still am security
 bound - always keeping a sturdy safety net underneath..
Somehow, I have been able to make a living and pay the bills
with my pencils and paintbrush. It's not a lifestyle for the faint
of heart. Every show - gallery or out in a park - is a crap shoot.
You never know until the last hour if it's been profitable.
Anyway. I love love love that I get to do this every day. The
painting process is a constant surprise. Some weeks it's the
same old tried and true stuff. Comfy and safe. Once in a while,
new ideas show up and you have to follow them.
This week has been full of new paths. I can't leave the studio
or the work kind of week. Here's what's happening:
all my favorite components -
vintage paper on black tar paper or illustration board
loooose graphite sketches
caran d'ache ( I love you)
stabilo smushy pencils
some paint
some colored pencils
lots of loose marks and movement - so out of my comfort zone.
The first step:

Illustration board, vintage pattern pieces, map, book pages
Then I drew:
Then I added more color and shapes:
I am so pumped over this new process. I need more caran d'ache colors to finish.
Can't wait to see where this goes. Loving the ride.


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